Implenia puts in impressive second-half performance

After a challenging start to the year, Implenia produced a strong performance in the second half. EBITDA, the most important benchmark for operational performance, reached a new record high. Business Unit EBIT (excl. PPA) exceeded the forecast we made at mid-year. All segments made a positive contribution to profit. The order backlog remains at a record level. The Group has also invested further in digitalisation and operational excellence. Implenia will continue to press ahead with its digital transformation in future. Due to good strategic positioning, broad-based technical and organisational capabilities, an improved market position in Germany and robust markets, Implenia is optimistic about the future.



  • * Incl. adjustments of around CHF 20 million in the first


  • EBIT excl. PPA


  • EBIT excl. PPA
  • *  Restated, see page 232, note 5
  • ** Incl. adjustments of around CHF 15 million in the first

Annual Report 2017

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EBITDA / Business Unit EBIT

  • Business Unit EBIT excl. PPA
  • * Restated, see page 232, note 5

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