Brokke Nord

This project includes the structural works for the power plant. This includes the construction of a new transfer tunnel, construction of the Sarvsfoss reservoir and Skarg power plant.

Project scope. The Bjørnarå river and five other streams will be routed to Sarvsfoss via a 10.6-km long transfer tunnel. The new transfer tunnel will have four inlet shafts and the tunnel cross-section will be 22 m2. A new 50-metre high dam is being constructed at Sarvsfoss to provide damming for the inlet reservoir for the Skarg power plant. The Sarvsfoss dam is being constructed using concrete with a volume of 15,500 m3 and a length of 140 metres. The crest of the dam has a dual-cambered design.

New power plant. A 420-metre long tunnel system will be blasted for the construction of Skarg power plant and a complete power station will be constructed in the open terrain. The power plant will be constructed in the eastern part of Botsvatn where the water will be utilised before being stored in Botsvatn. The existing transfer tunnel will be used as a drift tunnel. Blasting, mass transport, securing, injection and concrete work are also included in the project.

The works are well under way and the project is due to be completed in spring 2014.

Project details:
Contract type: Prime contract
Contract sum: MNOK 472
Construction time: From 01.05.2012 to 01.04.2014
Developer: Otra Kraft DA
Client: Otra Kraft DA