Double track expansion and lowering of the Zentralbahn railway, Lucerne

The Zentralbahn railway line between Lucerne main railway station and the Kriens Mattenhof station is being expanded to two tracks and is being lowered. This sub-project comprises the 550-metre systematically worked underground Hubelmatt Tunnel, the just under 300-metre underground station at Allmend, located by the Festhalle and connected by three access tunnels, and the 470-metre Allmend cut-and-cover tunnel plus the 144-metre Mattenhof ramp.

Mattenhof ramp: Construction trench excavation with anchored sheet piling walls Allmend cut-and-cover tunnel and half Allmend station: Underground construction under top cover under compressed air Half Allmend station: Construction trench excavation with back-anchored bored pilings Hubelmat Tunnel: Underground Geissenstein cut-and-cover tunnel: Construction trench excavation with anchored sheet piling walls, soil nailing, back-anchored soldier pile walls and bored piling walls.


Specific figures

Order value

CHF 108 million

Construction period

2008 - 2012


1465 m

Total excavated surface

90 m2