EMS and extension of Les MOUILLES shopping centre in Lancy

Construction of an EMS and extension of the MOUILLES shopping centre in Lancy.

EMS: construction in reinforced and prefabricated concrete
Shopping centre: underpinning work to link with the existing shopping centre and construction of the new centre in reinforced concrete.


Divisions performance

Project characteristics
Raft foundation. Walls in reinforced concrete: formwork in metal panels up to a height of 5 m. Installation of prefabricated facades and stairs. Masonry work in cement bricks. 
Underpinning work: sawing, drilling, reconstruction of a lintel, terracing, diversion of a 1000 diameter fresh air collector. Reinforcement of existing paving in car park with carbon strips for the passage of heavy goods vehicles. Walls 1 side against soldier pile wall. Installation of double wall elements and facades (sandwich panels, veneers and balconies) and prefabricated stairs. Deployment of numerous skills of the BOA-TR department, e.g.: reinforced concrete, sawing-drilling, bonded structures (carbon fibre laminates), scaffolding

Additional Services

Association Architectes ANDEREGG-RINALDI and DUBOULE Gabriel, Geneva

Specific figures

Project owner


Amount for our services

CHF 14.1 million

Construction period

April 2008 - September 2009