Fv. 86 Gryllefjord bridge

Implenia has constructed a bridge across Gryllefjord, situated in the municipality of Torsken on Senja in Troms county. The bridge is a landslide protection project which in combination with the ongoing tunnel through Ballesvikskaret will ensure a landslide-safe stretch to Gryllefjord and Torsken.

Part of the Torsken package. The Gryllefjord bridge is part of the Torsken package which consists of 16 road projects in the municipality of Torsken and Berg. The projects are largely funded by government resources and county council funds, of which the majority of the funding is being used for landslide protection.

Project scope. The project includes the construction of a 315-metre long steel box girder bridge. The steel structure was constructed in Poland and transported to Norway by boat - a trip which took ten days. The bridge arrived in three sections and was installed in three days. In addition to the bridge installation the contract also included asphalting and installation of railings. The bridge opened for traffic in August 2014.


Divisions performance

  • Contract type: Prime contract
  • Contract sum: MNOK 124
  • Construction time: September 2012 to August 2014
  • Developer: Statens vegvesen, Region North
  • Client: Statens vegvesen, Region North

Additional Services

  • 1600 m of steel pipe piles
  • 1200 tonnes of steel (steel box girder)
  • 900 tonnes of reinforcements
  • 3900 m3 of concrete
  • 5700 m2 of formwork
  • 3800 tonnes of asphalt
  • 1600 m of railings