Gotthard Base Tunnel, lot 360, Sedrun Tunnel

  • Railway tunnel with two single-track bores, each 9.0 km long, heading cross-section 60-134 m2 (full-face), cross-over points every 312 m.
  • Multifunction station with lengthwise and cross-over chambers, four tunnel cross-over expansions (heading cross-section up to 230 m2), tunnel cross-over connections, side galleries, ventilation galleries and 14 ventilation shafts, 4 waiting chambers.
  • Access through access galleries approx. 1 km in length and 2 shafts approx. 800 m deep.
  • This is an extremely complex installation.

  • Drill and blast heading, supported using shotcrete, anchors and nets.
  • Special heading in the high-pressure zones (TZM North), supported with deformable steel installation, anchors, shotcrete and solid working face supports
  • In-situ cast concrete internal vaults
  • Shaft II: Raise drill with subsequent expansion by shaft boring machine (7 m diameter)


Specific figures

Order value

CHF 1,550 million

Construction period

2002 - 2014


18,000 m

Total excavated surface

60 - 134 m2