Pont de la Poya, Fribourg

The Poya bridge in Fribourg connects Murtenstrasse with Bernstrasse as part of the H182 main road. The 851-metre long structure stretches across the Saane and the sewage plant at an average height of 70 metres above the valley floor. The 10 pillars and 2 pylons that reach a height of 110 metres form 13 bridge sections. The main distance between the pylons is 196 metres. The Palatinat approach viaduct goes directly into the Palatinat tunnel portal.

Construction method:

  • Securing the slope on the Palatinat side with bracing prior to the main work
  • Flat foundations, foundations on shafts, foundations on bored piles
  • Construction of the piles at distances of 4.2 m with large-scale formwork
  • Installation of the road plate with concrete design using a formwork carriage

The creation of the metal structure of the road plate is broken down into the following sections:

  • Palatinat approach viaduct (252.6 m) in retraction process
  • Middle bridge section designed as cable-stayed bridge by cantilever method
  • Schönberg approach viaduct (231 m) constructed successively using a heavy lifting crane


Additional Services

Unique features:

  • Securing slope with permanent injection anchors and prefabricated wall elements
  • Creation of bored piles (Ø 1.5 m, depth 15 m) and shafts (Ø 2.5 - 2.6 m, depth 10 - 13 m)
  • Cable-tensioned section: inclined cables with bundles of 31, 37 and 55


Specific figures


Project implementation: joint venture

Construction schedule

March 2010 - 2013

Contract value

CHF 65 million