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A2 City Ring, Lucerne

The work for the total restoration of the Lucerne City Ring is being carried out in 5 sub-phases. The tunnel pipes of the almost 600-metre long Reussport tunnel are being restored between 2010 and 2013. The Senti bridges, which have cracked concrete and corrosion on the abutments as a result of leaking road crossings, are also being restored and noise insulation walls installed. The city connection and the Sonnenberg tunnel are also undergoing restoration.

A4/A20 Hafnerberg Tunnel, Birmensdorf

The Hafnerberg Tunnel forms part of the A4/A20 Zurich west bypass. It connects the Birmensdorf junction with Reppichstal. Each direction (Basel and Lucerne) has a separate tunnel bore with two driving lanes and a shoulder lane.

A4/A20 Uetliberg Tunnel, Birmensdorf

Part of the A4/A20 Zurich west bypass. Two parallel tunnels each 4,400 m in length. Unconsolidated rock: Gjuch 200 m, Diebis 230 m, Juchegg 390 m. Molasse sections: Eichholz 510, Uetliberg 2790 m. Cut-and-cover section 230 m with Reppichstal ventilation station. Cross-over points every 290 m, of which 3 navigable by traffic, 10 by pedestrians.

ABZ development Wiedikon, Zurich

Total renovation of the Wiedikon development of the Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Zurich (ABZ) (General Building Association of Zurich).

Alp Transit Ceneri, Lotto 822, Vezia

The construction work in the Vezia section is particularly demanding because it had to be carried out in the middle of a residential area close to the SBB line with very limited space.

Amag-Diana City excavation trench, Schaffhausen

A 12 metre-deep excavation trench with vertical excavation trench closures on all sides was created in the centre of Schaffhausen for the new commercial building with showrooms and a three-level underground car park of Amag-Diana City.

Beaulieu, Lausanne

Renovation of the South Halls of the Palais de Beaulieu in Lausanne.

Bern, KVA Forsthaus, Werkleitungen Los 1

Werkleitungsstollen – Abschnitte 2 + 3

Birs Bridge 3 / SU Gellertstrasse, Basel

These two bridges are steel constructions dating back to the 1930s. They were reinforced and adjusted in connection with the adjustments to the SBB tracks. The two existing bridges that support the SU Gellertstrasse were replaced by a single, new one which was fitted in.

Bombach nursing centre, Zurich

Maintenance and conversion of ward.

Bucher Hydro Valley, Neuheim

  • Implementation of an optimum factory layout for a "breathing factory" in a sophisticated landscape, integrating the existing production halls.
  • Operations must be maintained during construction.

Buechenwald Upper School Centre, Gossau/SG

The contract for constructing the new Buechenwald Upper School Centre resulted from a submission as a general contractor. The project is based on ambitious architecture using high-grade materials and also includes the building technology. Implementation according to Minergie-Eco standard.

Bypass AR N9, Lausanne

Resurfacing work on A9 motorway Lausanne bypass.

Bypass tunnel N8, Lungern

Creation of cable block systems by means of three-dimensionally controlled slipform pavers. A six-unit and nine-unit block are industrially manufactured. The cable protection pipes are automatically drawn into the machine and the concrete block machine-made.

Ceneri Base Tunnel lot 853

Lot 853 comprises work on the northern side of the Cenari Base Tunnel (first tunnel cutting and portal construction).

Chienberg Tunnel, Sissach

The 2,300-metre Chienberg Tunnel forms the core of the Sissach bypass. It was cut into the highly geologically challenging mountainside of the Tabel Jura mountain range, which posed a mining highlight on account of its extremely swellable Gipskeuper formation.

Clinique de la Colline, Geneva

Extension of the Clinique de la Colline by means of an anchored and supported retaining structure in the form of a diaphragm wall.

Construction of a new Letzigrund stadium, Zurich

Construction of a new, multi-purpose stadium.

Coop branches

Supply of a country-wide energy management system consisting of energy data recording or control systems in over 400 branches as well as an overriding server infrastructure.

Coop Trading – lighting optimisation

Management and energy optimisation at outlets with an energy management system

Coop Trading, Coop Interdiscount – energy optimisation

Lighting optimisation

Cross-city link (Durchmesserlinie) lot 3.02, escape and rescue gallery for the Weinberg Tunnel in Zurich

Navigable escape and rescue galleries parallel to the Weinberg Tunnel, connected to the main tunnel every 500 m by emergency exits and crossing points. The tunnel heading is being carried out by a gripper TBM with a 4.75 m diameter; tunnel length 4,459 m.

Cross-City Link (Durchmesserlinie), Weinberg Tunnel, Zurich

Section 3 of the Cross-City Link is the Weinberg Tunnel, 4,537 m in length. It reaches from the south-west section to the underground portal in Oerlikon, and comprises two lots. Lot 3.1: South section shaft and expansion through to new station. Lot 3.2: Brunnenhof shaft at a depth of 40 m, Weinberg Tunnel and rock section between Brunnenhof and the Oerlikon portal. Lot 3.2 also includes the escape and rescue galleries with crossing points to the main tunnel.

Cross-city link lot 2.1 - construction of train station shell Löwenstrasse, Zurich

The construction of the Löwenstrasse transit train station is the centrepiece of the new cross-city link between Zurich-Altstetten and Zurich-Oerlikon. The new transit rail station will be built with 3 tracks at a depth of 16 m and a length of 600 m under the existing tracks 3 to 9 and the side hall of the Zurich main train station. At the same time, the retail space in the main train station will be expanded by the new Löwenstrasse Passage.

Cross-city link section 2 and 3 in the area of Zurich train station

The new underground Löwenstrasse transit train station is the centrepiece of the cross-city link. It is being built 16 metres under the existing tracks 4 to 9 while the train station is in operation. This is extremely challenging for everyone involved.

CUBE Sol LeWitt, Uster

Art piece.

Döbeli multi-family buildings, Kreuzlingen

2 new buildings with 21 rental flats.

Dohlenzelg underground car park, Windisch

The flame-retardant properties of the clad concrete ceiling had to be increased and improved. To achieve this, the existing Durisol elements on the soffit were affixed to the concrete ceiling with two fire safety dowels. The seams between the elements were closed with fireproof mortar and the reinforcement segments made of steel were clad with fire protection material.

Double track expansion and lowering of the Zentralbahn railway, Lucerne

The Zentralbahn railway line between Lucerne main railway station and the Kriens Mattenhof station is being expanded to two tracks and is being lowered. This sub-project comprises the 550-metre systematically worked underground Hubelmatt Tunnel, the just under 300-metre underground station at Allmend, located by the Festhalle and connected by three access tunnels, and the 470-metre Allmend cut-and-cover tunnel plus the 144-metre Mattenhof ramp.

EMS and extension of Les MOUILLES shopping centre in Lancy

Construction of an EMS and extension of the MOUILLES shopping centre in Lancy.

Felsenau Viaduct subprojects C6.1 and C8, Bern

Maintenance and partial broadening of 10 bridges with a total length of 1,200 m; maintenance of Felsenau Viaduct with a length of 1,108 m and a carriageway width of 25 m. Renovation or construction of 15 support walls with a total length of 713 m and height of up to 16 m. Broadening and renovation of roadworks in the Wylerholz section, including reconstruction of the 900 m of the middle lane and addition of forest and access roads.

FlĂĽgelschlag, Bern

The project, which involves 14 condominiums in the prestige sector, is the result of an architecture competition organised by the city of Bern. Building rights to the property have been transferred but the property remains in the ownership of the municipality of Bern. Once approved, Implenia Development AG acquired the project in 2010. The project was completed between late 2011 and May 2013.

Gärtnerstrassenbrücke, Basel

The extension of tram line 8 requires reconstruction of the Gärtnerstrasse bridge across the field. A competition was held for the new bridge which was awarded to Implenia Ltd. as total contractor with the project "Primavera".

Gerlisbrunnen, Benglen

Forty-four spacious, comfortable freehold apartments and two workshops are being built – all based on the Minergie standard – in a wonderful location in Benglen, which is idyllically placed between Zollikerberg and lake Greifensee. There are a Volg supermarket with a post office and other services within walking distance. Move-in date is August 2014.

Gösgen nuclear power plant

Construction of new fuel elements and wet storage area and expansion of auxiliary systems building ZC00.

Gotthard Base Tunnel, Faido multifunction station

Heading, support and internal construction of the 2.4 km long multifunction station.

Gotthard Base Tunnel, lot 360, Sedrun Tunnel

  • Railway tunnel with two single-track bores, each 9.0 km long, heading cross-section 60-134 m2 (full-face), cross-over points every 312 m.
  • Multifunction station with lengthwise and cross-over chambers, four tunnel cross-over expansions (heading cross-section up to 230 m2), tunnel cross-over connections, side galleries, ventilation galleries and 14 ventilation shafts, 4 waiting chambers.
  • Access through access galleries approx. 1 km in length and 2 shafts approx. 800 m deep.
  • This is an extremely complex installation.

Gotthard Base Tunnel, sections from Bodio to Faido

Construction of two parallel railway tunnels, each 30 km long, and the Faido multifunction station (see separate reference). Heading, support and internal construction of the two single-track bores.

Halde canton school, Chur

  • Complete restoration of the Halde canton school, some work performed when school was in attendance.
  • First place in competition for total services.
  • Complex decontamination, earthquake-proofing, rock-face stabilisation, restoration of burial chapel from the 5th/6th century.

HardbrĂĽcke restoration, Zurich

The 1,350-metre long structure is used by around 70,000 vehicles per day. The sealing and the pavement have exceeded their life spans, water is permeating the structure. As a result, the structure, which is comprised of six sections (a total of eight exit and entrance ramps), was in dire need of restoration.

High-rise ensemble Quadro-Platz, Zurich

A high-rise ensemble comprised of four buildings with four high-rises of different heights has been under construction in Zurich-Nord since 2000. Upscale, flexible office space on the upper floors and retail space on the ground floor are clustered around the central Quadro-Platz.

Hotel Giardino, Ascona


Hotel Villa Honegg, EnnetbĂĽrgen

Renovation and extension of the Villa Honegg five-star hotel.

Hubelmatt Tunnel of the central railway, Lucerne

The 550-metre long Hubelmatt Tunnel is part of the dual tracking and lowering of the central railway. The Hubelmatt Tunnel heading stretches from the Allmend side, under the Hubelmatt hill, to the north portal, at the junction of Geissensteinring and Sternmattstrasse.

IKEA, Grancia

Conversion and expansion of IKEA retail space and restaurant.

Junction and overpasses X1, Z58 and Z59, Härkingen

The three bridges are located in the heart of the Swiss motorway hub in Härkingen, where the A1 meets the A2. Entrances and overpasses that could handle very heavy traffic were required for crossing from one national road to the other.

Lausanne M2 metro line, lot 1700

  • Metro line from Ouchy to Epalinges, via main railway station and Place de l'Europe. Total length 6 km, 14 stations, 9 tunnels and 5 bridge structures.
  • Lot 1700: "Route de Berne" Tunnel between the Sallaz and Fourmi stations. Sallaz station and cut-and-cover construction. Fourmi underground station including interior construction, access shaft.

Lausanne metro, lots 1100 and 1200, Lausanne

Construction of two double-track underground railway (metro) tunnels with two underground stations and lowering of the tunnel base in an existing tunnel in the city.

  • Flon station 70 m
  • St. Laurent station double-track tunnel 306 m
  • Riponne station, length 85 m
  • Construction in part using cut and cover
  • Viret double-track tunnel, length 265 m
  • Lowering of the tunnel base in the existing tunnel by approximately (lot 1100)

LCA Supercomputing Center, Lugano

Construction of the new LCA Supercomputing Center.

Le Cristal shopping centre, Martigny

Shopping centre on 2 levels, parking on the roof.

Letzigrund stadium, Zurich

Construction of the new Letzigrund stadium to replace the existing sports facility.

Lugano, new construction ETH Supercomputingcenter

non-disruptive crossing, Fluss Cassarate, Los 6 Seewasserfassung

Lützelmurg viaduct, Häuslenen

The usability of the section of the N1 from Hagenbuch to Wängi which opened in 1970 is to be guaranteed in the next few years by means of the planned maintenance measures. To achieve this goal, the Lützelmurg viaduct has to be widened for the planned traffic routing 4/0 and simultaneously overhauled.

Main tunnel of the A8 Lungern bypass, Lungern

The Lungern bypass is around 4.25 km long. The main construction is the 3,574 m long Lungern Tunnel, with two-way traffic. Incline 2.2 %.

Merdisel gallery, Satigny

Waste water gallery, 3.4 m diameter, 1,399 m length with inlet and discharge constructions.

Migros parking deck ramp, Zurich

The area of the road was expanded as a result of the conversion of Pfingstweidstrasse. Because entry to the existing spiral ramp was no longer possible, a new ramp had to be created from the ramp for the Engrosmarkt roof to the Migros parking deck. The new ramp is designed as a bridge with a continuous beam made of six sections and is approx. 110 metres long. The distances range between 12.0 and 24.4 metres. The two end sections and section two are heavily bent. The bridge is connected monolithically to the existing bridge on the side of the Engrosmarkt deck.

More capacity for Olten region: Aare bridges/Aare footbridge

The Olten bridge over the Aare river is part of the Olten bypass road while the Aare footbridge is the new footpath and bike trail connection over the Aare and thus creates the link both to the city centre and districts to the south of the SBB line.

Motorway section A12-P12, Samsales-delaVeyre

Veyre interchange (A9-A12) and Samsales. Reconstruction and expansion of a 13,750 m stretch of the A12 motorway (Fribourg section).

MĂĽlimatt Aare Bridge, Brugg

The Aaresteg is an attractive local and regional route for slow traffic connecting Brugg and Windisch to the nearby recreational areas and rerouting much of the cycle traffic from the main cantonal roads.

neuRing, Ringstrasse, 9200 Gossau SG

The neuRing complex is rising up on the Ringstrasse in Gossau (SG), in a central position and yet quiet and close to nature. A centre within a centre, designed with a single goal: The ultimate in quality of life for all. The city gradually flows into the countryside. The southern boundary is formed by the local stream, which has been extensively renatured. The project incorporates 55 generous freehold apartments (3.5 to 5.5 room apartments) in 5 blocks along the little stream.

Noise barrier on A3, Adliswil

Construction of a noise barrier 3-4 m high on a strip foundation. Anchored with 8-10 m deep piles along a length of 1,200 m.

Nussknacker multi-family buildings, St. Gallen

Project development and construction of 16 owner-occupied flats.

Pedestrian staircases Schiffbau/Escher Wyss Platz, Zurich

New pedestrian staircases for public transport (staircase towers) at the Schiffbau station and Escher Wyss Platz leading up to Hardbrücke.

Photovoltaic Installation Riverside, Zurich

Swiss Prime Anlagenstiftung (SPA), Olten, as project owner. Tetrag Automation is supplying the system solution for energy management and energy monitoring for the largest retrofitted photovoltaic installation in Switzerland (as of February 2016).

Pont de la GĂ©rine, Marly

Renovation of the Pont de la Gérine in Marly.

Pont de la Machine and platform, Geneva

Construction of a platform upstream from the Pont de la Machine.

Pont de la Poya 1, Fribourg

Construction of trenches for accessing the abutments and face of the Palatinat tunnel as well as trenches for the piers of the Poya bridge using anchored shotcrete walls.

Pont de la Poya, Fribourg

The Poya bridge in Fribourg connects Murtenstrasse with Bernstrasse as part of the H182 main road. The 851-metre long structure stretches across the Saane and the sewage plant at an average height of 70 metres above the valley floor. The 10 pillars and 2 pylons that reach a height of 110 metres form 13 bridge sections. The main distance between the pylons is 196 metres. The Palatinat approach viaduct goes directly into the Palatinat tunnel portal.

Pressure gallery, Taschinas power station, Prättigau

New pressure gallery for the new Taschinas hydroelectric power station in Prättigau. Shell construction of the following: Access and pressure galleries; gallery intersection; water reservoir; connecting and pipeline galleries with valve chambers; desanders with gravel and sand drainage galleries including operating room; approach cutting for access galleries with portal construction; approach cutting for pipeline galleries with portal construction.

Pumped Storage Power Station Nant de Drance, Finhaut

Construction of a pumped storage station between the existing Emosson and Vieux Emosson reservoirs, in several caverns. The new power station cavern is located at approx. 1,700 m above sea level. Access is granted from below via a five kilometre long gallery and from above via a two kilometre long gallery system. The height difference between the entrance and the turbines is overcome by dropping vertical pressure shafts. In addition to the shell construction of the power station, the contract includes management of the excavated material.

Rail-free access, Altdorf train station

Platform & railway engineering, new pedestrial underpass incl. ramps. Side plaftform, concourse platform and conservation measures.

Regenbecken Schützenwiese Winterthur – Microtunnelling

Relief galleries, Lyssbach, Lyss

The current capacity of the Lyssbach conduit running through Lyss is too small, as clearly demonstrated by the recent flooding caused by the conduit overflowing. Investigations have shown that the flood waters can only be combated by digging a relief gallery between Leen and Fulenmatt, and by expanding the Lyssbach conduit.

Residential/commercial building Otto und Alex, Chur

Development of a residential and commercial complex on Bahnhofplatz (station square) in Chur, with a car park (330 parking spaces) and adjacent parking for bicycles.

Residenza Le Ginestre, Lugano-Castagnola

Two residential buildings with owner-occupied flats.

Rheinfelden power station, Rheinfelden

The main work for lot 1B of the Rheinfelden power station involved the creation of a machine house, a work area on the Swiss side including entrance (mine tunnel), a connection to the German side and structural auxiliary facilities.

Rheinpark shopping centre, St. Margrethen

Revitalisation and repositioning of the shopping centre, with a Migros-Markt supermarket, Gastro, Do it + Garden Migros, plus 34 specialist shops covering a total of 21,000 m2 retail space.

Rosenberg shopping centre, Winterthur (under construction)

Optimisation of building services engineering and building automation

Rosengarten centre complex, Arbon

Project development for the construction of a new residential and commercial centre in the centre of Arbon. Max Dudler's "Rosengarten" project was the winner of an architectural competition. Base used by retail with Migros-Markt and other shops. 74 rental flats with rose garden.

Rosengarten city centre development project, Arbon

  • Sustainability consulting in the tendering phase.
  • Investigation of the use of lake-water for heating and cooling.
  • Support and consultancy for certification according to the Minergie-Eco standard.

Rossfeld shopping centre, Sierre

Construction of the Migros "Rossfeld" shopping centre in Sierre.

Rue du Cendrier 1-3, Geneva

Construction of a social housing building and a children's day-care centre in the heart of the City of Geneva.

SBB Durchmesserlinie ZĂĽrich Los 3.2 Grossrohrschirm

schorenstadt, Basel

schorenstadt is one of Implenia’s flagship projects for the 2000 Watt Society and has been developed in cooperation with leading Basel-based architects Burckhard+Partner AG and other experts. Depending on the building typology, various modern timber construction methods (hybrid construction with concrete floors and support, composite construction with concrete-covered laminated timber ceilings, prefabricated timber construction) were used.

Securitas, Zollikofen

Supply of a building control system for the HVAC systems and individual room regulation in the administrative building of Securitas in Zollikofen.

Sunrise Tower high-rise, Zurich

Tower with 26 floors at Hagenholzstrasse 20/22 in Zurich-Oerlikon.

The Dolder Grand, Zurich

Conversion and new construction of the historic main section of traditional five star luxury hotel.

The dĂĽdingenplus project

The approximately 28 000 m² ROMAG aquacare AG plot is home to the staggered düdingenplus development project, consisting of 8 residential buildings with service and commercial units and 1 office block in the centre of Düdingen, directly opposite the railway station. The plot was sold to Berninvest representing the investors Immo Helvetic and the Sarasin Foundation for sustainable property in Switzerland.

The Metropolitans, Zurich

The "Metropolitans" housing development in the north of Zurich will incorporate two new apartment blocks and significantly increase the residential property available in the area. The two 19-storey buildings will contain premium freehold apartments which will afford their owners both a view of the Alps in the distance and views stretching from the Üetliberg and the whole city as far as the airport.

Theatre, Fribourg

Construction of a theatre in Freiburg.

Thermal simulation for ETH Zurich, Höngg

Simulations were conducted to evaluate a number of cooling systems in single and multiple-occupancy offices in terms of cost and comfort as part of the renovation of the practical physics building (HPP) on the ETH Zurich Hönggerberg campus. The cold air drop in the proximity of windows was investigated on the basis of flow simulations.

Tunnel Sous la TrĂŞme, local road H189, Bulle

Bulle bypass via local road H189: Two-lane road tunnel in loose rock. Cover 3.5 m - 10 m in cultivated area, in ground water. Tunnel length 568 m, excavation cross section 129 m2, all-round sealing in pressure water, concrete inner ring and sub-ceiling.

Tunnel Sous le Mont, Tavannes

Trunk road tunnel with two-way traffic flow, 1,222 m in length (1,137 m mined), 1 emergency bay. The plant utility channel also serves as an escape gallery.

Two single-family houses, Watt

Plastered exterior thermal insulation with ceiling plaster. Brush-finished.

Uetliberg tunnel, Gänziloo

Permanently anchored bored pile wall for the preliminary section of Gänziloo, Uetliberg tunnel, east portal of the N 4.1.5.

University Hospital, East ward blocks 1-3, Zurich

Maintenance of concrete parts of facade of East ward block.

Unterfeld, Baar/Zug

The Unterfeld area lies directly next to the Lindenpark local railway station. Its central role in the sustainable agglomeration of the two flourishing municipalities makes it very important to the towns of Baar and Zug in terms of urban planning. Residential and service units will be realised on the 56,000 m2 site.

VĂ©lodrome, Plan-les-Ouates

Construction of 4 apartment buildings in rue du Vélodrome in Plan-les-Ouates.


Volta West, Basel

Residential complex with 130 rental flats and commercial space.

Wagerenhof, Uster

Conversion and renovation of the existing structures. Replacement of multipurpose auditorium and activity building.

Wrighthouse, Glattpark

Residential complex with 81 rental flats, 449 m2 of retail space on the ground floor and 41 owner-occupied flats. The complex forms the entrance to the car-free Boulevard Lilienthal in Glattpark, the largest development area in Switzerland.

Zentralbahn railway, Lucerne

The stretch between Lucerne main station and Kriens Mattenhof station is being expanded to a twin track and sunk underground. This project consists of the mined, 550 metre-long Hubelmatt tunnel, the 300 metre-long underground station, the 470 metre-long Allmend tunnel and the 140 metre-long Mattenhof ramp.

Zollikon, TU Zollikerberg

Sewer Forchstrasse, from Waldburg to Rosengarten

Zurich main train station, cross-city link lot 3.1 - underpass south section

The centrepiece of the cross-city link between Zurich-Oerlikon and Zurich-Altstetten currently under construction is the new underground Löwenstrasse train station with 4 tracks at a depth of 16 metres. Trains in the direction of Oerlikon leave the station on two tracks. These tracks first go under the historically protected sandstone building of the southern section before they joined up with the Weinberg tunnel in the direction of the Limmat. Lot 3.1 contains the mined underpass of the southern section and the creation of a construction shaft in front of the southern section that serves, among other things, as the target shaft for the tunnel drilling machine from the Weinberg tunnel. As a sub-contractor to Arge Tunnel Weinberg, Implenia carried out all foundation engineering work in lot 3.1.

Zurich main train station, cross-city link lot 3.2 - shaft for south section

To ensure safe entrance of the tunnelling machine for the Weinberg tunnel target shaft of the southern section at the ZĂĽrich main train station, a 16 metre-long, 17 metre-wide and 17 metre-high seal block was created in the existing subsoil with low-pressure injections. The goal was to increase stability and reduce permeability of the soil. The top half of this seal block lies in the Limmat gravel (approx. 1,800 m3 of soil volume), the lower half in the lake deposits (approx. 1,500 m3 of soil volume).