Alp Transit Ceneri, Lotto 822, Vezia

The construction work in the Vezia section is particularly demanding because it had to be carried out in the middle of a residential area close to the SBB line with very limited space.

The Ceneri base tunnel crosses the Vedeggio road tunnel, which is also under construction, at a distance of only 4 metres. The work on the excavation trench for the portal and the 170 metre-long mine route will take several years. The closed bored pile wall was partly integrated into the groundwater and has 20 cm overlap.


Divisions performance

Foundation engineering.

Specific figures

Overlapping bored pile wall

300 units at around 13.0 m, borehole ø 1,000 mm

Foundation bored piles

105 units at around 13.0 m, borehole ø 900 mm

Permanent anchors

430 units at around 18.0 m, Po = 450 kN


300 units at 4-10 m


Borehole ø 101 mm