Amag-Diana City excavation trench, Schaffhausen

A 12 metre-deep excavation trench with vertical excavation trench closures on all sides was created in the centre of Schaffhausen for the new commercial building with showrooms and a three-level underground car park of Amag-Diana City.

  • Building contractor: AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG, Schinznach Bad
  • Customer: AG Ernst HablĂĽtzel & Co., Wilchingen
  • Project designer: Bona + Fischer IngenieurbĂĽro AG, Winterthur
  • Construction site supervision: ixtegra ag, Schaffhausen
  • Implementation: May 2009 – October 2009


Divisions performance

Foundation engineering.

Specific figures

Retaining wall beams

57 units at 10-12 m, ø 700 mm

Temporary anchors

122 units at 15-25 m, Po = 300 - 440 kN


1,400 m2, 550 m3 loose


10 micro-piles, head pretensioned with flat presses / 75 floor nails

Water retention

3 filter wells ø 700 mm, 350 m2 sheet pile wall boxes