Bypass tunnel N8, Lungern

Creation of cable block systems by means of three-dimensionally controlled slipform pavers. A six-unit and nine-unit block are industrially manufactured. The cable protection pipes are automatically drawn into the machine and the concrete block machine-made.

The construction method combines state-of-the-art machines and measurement technology and thus represents a new dimension of cable block systems. The machine has the unique capability worldwide of being able to three-dimensionally integrate cubatures. Any forms can be industrially manufactured thanks to this machine.



Sustainability and ecology

Fewer resources are used through the industrial production process; personnel expense is kept to a minimum. Production is five times as fast and there is less physical labour for personnel.

Divisions performance

Concrete roadwork civil engineering Zurich.

Specific figures

Construction volume

CHF 800,000

Length of the cable block

7,000 m (concrete height 90cm; width 70cm)

Cable protection pipes NW 120mm

52 km