Cross-City Link (Durchmesserlinie), Weinberg Tunnel, Zurich

Section 3 of the Cross-City Link is the Weinberg Tunnel, 4,537 m in length. It reaches from the south-west section to the underground portal in Oerlikon, and comprises two lots. Lot 3.1: South section shaft and expansion through to new station. Lot 3.2: Brunnenhof shaft at a depth of 40 m, Weinberg Tunnel and rock section between Brunnenhof and the Oerlikon portal. Lot 3.2 also includes the escape and rescue galleries with crossing points to the main tunnel.

A hard rock heading technique is being used for the first 4,134 m, with the remaining 246 m being excavated using the hydro-shield method. The tunnel support comprises a double skin, with an outer skin of 30 cm thick steel-reinforced concrete tubbings, and an equally strong unarmoured inner concrete skin. In some stretches the tubbing thickness in the floor area is increased to 60 cm. The inner skin is also reinforced at the crossing points.


Specific figures

Order value

CHF 344 million

Construction period

2007 - 2013


4417 m

Total excavated surface

100.3 m2