Cross-city link section 2 and 3 in the area of Zurich train station

The new underground Löwenstrasse transit train station is the centrepiece of the cross-city link. It is being built 16 metres under the existing tracks 4 to 9 while the train station is in operation. This is extremely challenging for everyone involved.

Just before the main train station, the two tracks of the cross-city link join up in the new, four-track Löwenstrasse transit station. Compared to the existing platform systems in the underground Museumstrasse train station (tracks 21-24), the new Löwenstrasse train station has more and wider staircases and state-of-the-art fire protection systems.


Divisions performance

Foundation engineering/jetting work.

Specific figures

Scope of underpinning

2,000 m3

Scope of sealing wall

1,500 m3

Sealing columns

500 m