Gotthard Base Tunnel, sections from Bodio to Faido

Construction of two parallel railway tunnels, each 30 km long, and the Faido multifunction station (see separate reference). Heading, support and internal construction of the two single-track bores.

The two single-track bores are being headed using gripper tunnel boring machines. The section from the Bodio portal to the multifunction station at Faido is 16 km long and is located in the Pennine gneiss zone. The section from Faido to Sedrun is 14.8 km long and crosses the Piora Mulde and the Gotthard massif. The heading of the multifunction station at Faido (in total 9.6 km of crossover and longitudinal galleries, including two track cross-overs) was carried out by drill and blast.


Specific figures

Order value

CH£F 1,480 million

Construction period

2001 - 2013


60,000 m2

Total excavated surface

70 m2