Le Cristal shopping centre, Martigny

Shopping centre on 2 levels, parking on the roof.

Shopping centre on 2 levels, parking on the roof
Lower level 9500 m2 floor area
Delivery bay 1500 m2 floor area
Upper floor 8800 m2 floor area
Car park 8800 m2 floor area


Divisions performance

Construction method
Exterior walls in reinforced concrete. Pre-slabs 6 cm thick. Prefabricated centrifugally-cast columns.

Triangular shape with rounded edges. Construction period 9 months
Building height 5.10 m.

Additional Services

Project designer
HRS, Crissier
Christian Constantin, Martigny

Specific figures

Project owner

UBS, Switzerland

Amount for our services

CHF 8.6 million

Construction period