Motorway section A12-P12, Samsales-delaVeyre

Veyre interchange (A9-A12) and Samsales. Reconstruction and expansion of a 13,750 m stretch of the A12 motorway (Fribourg section).

Reconstruction and expansion of a 13,750 m stretch of the A12 motorway

  • Industrial conduits
  • Construction of pull boxes
  • Widening of motorway
  • Asphalting
  • Cleaning of hydrocarbon scrubbers


Divisions performance


  • - Work carried out in traffic
  • - Compliance with schedule
  • - Work carried out in two cantons, FR and VD
  • - 25 mm surface layer in AC MR DPB 8

(Fribourg section) with 10% void content and 98% compactness, first time in Switzerland at an altitude of 830m.


Additional Services

Main participants (Fribourg section)
IWRP Consortium
Technical management: Implenia Construction SA

Project design
MGI Partenaires
Ingénieurs Conseil SA Châtel-St-Denis

Specific figures

Project owner

Swiss Federal Roads Authority, Fribourg

Amount for our services

CHF 47.8 million

Construction period

2006 - 2007