Pedestrian staircases Schiffbau/Escher Wyss Platz, Zurich

New pedestrian staircases for public transport (staircase towers) at the Schiffbau station and Escher Wyss Platz leading up to Hardbrücke.

Both staircases on Hardstrasse swing clockwise onto the bridge; they are thus symmetrical around a point. There is also a close spatial connection between the staircases and the lift, both at the Escher Wyss Platz level and at the bridge level. The design makes use of this connection by having the supporting inside frame come out of the lift core.

The curved shape gives the stairs a three-dimensional feel. The geometry of the staircase is based on a logarithmic spiral. The walkway, as the connection to Hardbrücke, juts way out as a platform stretching from the lift tower to the edge of the bridge without transferring a load to them.



Divisions performance

  • Underground/road construction; concrete surfaces
  • Wood construction