Pont de la Machine and platform, Geneva

Construction of a platform upstream from the Pont de la Machine.

Construction of a metal platform on steel columns with a surface area of 616 m2 covered with larch decking and connected to the "Pont de la Machine" by a metal staircase and metal platform for disabled access.


Divisions performance

Vibro-sinking of of 30 steel piles (355.6/16) of between 15 and 44m and 11 to 40m struts. Implementation and positioning control during sinking by laser beams. Bracing of piles and main structure with adjustable steel rods, positioned and adjusted by at a team of divers. Provisioning on the river Rhône and assembly of steel frame (98t) using a floating pontoon equipped with a cable shovel. The decking of the platform (616 m2) is constructed using larch wood frame and panels.

Additional Services

River work
Underwater work
Work involving vibratory sinking of steel piles

Project design
Jean-Pierre Perrin (Ti SA)

Specific figures

Project owner

City of Geneva

Amount for our services

CHF 2,660,000

Construction period

25.06.2007-31.12.2009 (30 months)