Rheinpark shopping centre, St. Margrethen

Revitalisation and repositioning of the shopping centre, with a Migros-Markt supermarket, Gastro, Do it + Garden Migros, plus 34 specialist shops covering a total of 21,000 m2 retail space.

As part of the technical building design, sustainability was emphasised at all levels alongside the functional requirements. The entire building systems were comprehensively renovated and updated to the latest technology. The replacement and optimisation of HVAC, cooling and sanitation systems have made a significant contribution to the optimisation of the energy concept. The heating supply has been converted to natural gas, and in addition to complying with the air quality regulations, the specific heat requirement per m2 of retail space has been reduced by 45%. By using the waste heat from the air-conditioning and supermarket refrigeration units, it is possible to generate 80% of the required domestic hot water. These and other measures allowed the project to achieve the Minergie standard. In using electrical power generated by its own photovoltaic system based on the latest technology and purchasing energy certificates from small, regional hydro power stations, Migros Ostschweiz is making a valuable contribution to the use and promotion of alternative energy sources.


Sustainability and ecology

  • Use of waste heat from refrigeration equipment
  • Suction removal of cold air moisture from refrigeration equipment for the purpose of cooling warmer areas
  • Photovoltaic system

Divisions performance

  • Overall management of building systems
  • Specialist planning for HVAC and sanitation, coordination of trades and activities
  • Partner management
  • General planner until award to total contractor