Rosenberg shopping centre, Winterthur (under construction)

Optimisation of building services engineering and building automation

Mixed usage shopping/residence: 151 rental apartments distributed over 4 rows of buildings, and more than 40 stores. 

Project description

  • Plausibility check of the measured data with the shown building automation values
  • Ensuring a stable control mode at all facilities
  • Examination of the facility-specific parameters
  • Monitoring and optimization of service life
  • Verification of the efficiency of the heat recovery system for the ventilation and air condition systems
  • Plausibility check of the measurements
  • Evaluation of the energy and water key figures
  • Recommendations of measures for system optimization
  • Ensuring an economical operation of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems


Sustainability and ecology

Utilization of the waste heat of the refrigeration equipment


Divisions performance

  • Fiduciary services for building contractor
  • Technical HVAC planning, technical coordination and layout coordination
  • Partner management
  • General planner up to the awarding to the total contractor