Unterfeld, Baar/Zug

The Unterfeld area lies directly next to the Lindenpark local railway station. Its central role in the sustainable agglomeration of the two flourishing municipalities makes it very important to the towns of Baar and Zug in terms of urban planning. Residential and service units will be realised on the 56,000 m2 site.

A top-class judging panel decided to go with the plan designed by Basel-based architectural practice HHF Architekten. Members of the panel were particularly impressed by the conciseness of the plan, which creates valuable free space with a 208 by 118 meter inner courtyard, as well as by its high quality standards. The plan also provides strong links with the surrounding area and takes a sensible approach to the site's peripheral position on the borders of the municipality.

Project website: http://www.unterfeld-baar.ch/ or http://www.unterfeld-zug.ch