Comprehensive services in all areas of construction.

Our services at a glance.

Implenia's team of specialists enable the company to offer its clients services for the entire life cycle of a building – efficient, integrated and in accordance with their requirements.

Foundation engineering

Implenia is at home in all areas of the broadly diversified foundation engineering discipline and has decades of experience. We are the number one in our European target markets in this challenging sector. With the help of modern, high-performance machinery, our proven specialists are able to overcome the toughest of challenges.

Large-diameter drilling

In situ concrete piles (cased or uncased), installed with rotary boring machines or grabbing devices, form the basis for pile foundations with a diameter of between 700 and 2,500 mm. Drilling for large filter wells aids the water supply or supports major construction projects by reducing groundwater levels over a large area (diameter 800 to 1,800 mm). We also carry out vertical shaft drilling for horizontal filter well systems.

Displacement piles

We are your partner for low-noise full or partial displacement piles with diameters of between 420 and 620 mm and for vibration-free installation of piles in displacable ground for pile loads of up to 5,000 kN.

Excavation bracing

Bored pile, diaphragm and soldier pile walls as well as soil nailing are used for excavation bracing. Thanks to our longstanding experience with diaphragm walls, our projects include not only very successful excavations but also work on sealing dams, landfills and tank systems.

Small-diameter drilling

Be it prestressed anchors for temporary or permanent anchoring of buildings, micro-piles for transferring what can be enormous loads to the load-bearing subsoil, soil nailing for securing excavations, strengthening the subsoil by means of jetting or injection or manufacturing small filter wells: Implenia guarantees that your project will be carried out professionally and in compliance with technical requirements.


Planning and executing dewatering concepts is one of our core competencies. From open dewatering or vacuum reduction (wellpointing) to reducing the groundwater level with filter wells, we guarantee that your construction will be completed successfully.

Exploration drilling

We conduct geological, geotechnical, hydrological and residual-waste-specific soil explorations for your project. With our comprehensive fleet of machinery, we can carry out exploration drilling even in terrain that is difficult to access.


We can also turn fine-grained soils such as silt and clay into load-bearing ground. We have been using vibro-flotation to compact soils for buildings which are susceptible to subsidence or situated on highly granular subsoils for over 70 years.

Complete excavation solutions

Thanks to our experience in all areas of the foundation engineering sector and above all in excavation security, we offer comprehensive solutions for your entire excavation project.


At Implenia, our specialists focus on the restoration, maintenance and repair of bridges, tunnels, underground garages and facades. An additional area of expertise is the reinforcement of components with CFRP plates.

Thanks to a highly qualified team of engineers, technicians and experts, as well as cooperations with selected partner companies, customers are guaranteed a high level of quality, cutting-edge construction techniques and security in the design and execution of construction measures.