Comprehensive services in all areas of construction.

Our services at a glance.

Implenia's team of specialists enable the company to offer its clients services for the entire life cycle of a building – efficient, integrated and in accordance with their requirements.

Civil engineering

Bridges, walkways and cut-and-cover tunnels constructed by us bring people closer together. Building power plants in the mountains and along rivers is one of our long-standing traditions. With our concrete repairs division, we extend the life cycle of all structures. Buildings and landscaping projects alongside and in bodies of water are executed with our extensive expertise in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our experienced and highly qualified managers and construction site staff are our most valuable resource. They guar-antee quality, reliability and adherence to budgets and deadlines. We are also happy to implement your challenging infrastructure projects in the capacity of general contractor.


Concrete construction/major projects

A large team of experienced employees – in functions ranging from bricklayers and formworkers to project managers and engineers – puts our skills and knowledge into practice across Switzerland. The vast spectrum of our services is demonstrated by the fact that we have worked on projects including cut-and-cover tunnels, walkways, road and railway line overpasses and underpasses, power stations at rivers and in the mountains, ventilation plants and big canal and pipeline constructions.

Bridge construction

Our experience in constructing bridges includes the entire range of services: from the production of the most common load-bearing systems, for example beam and slab bridges using in situ concrete and pre-fabricated elements, all the way to cantilever bridges, arch and frame bridges and cable-stayed bridges.


With our falsework system PREWAG, we have a very special market offering. Thanks to various lattice girder and support systems, we have the necessary inventory, experience and knowledge to plan and execute suitable falsework for future bridges. We will be glad to advise you on this during the project planning stage.

Concrete repairs (renovations of civil engineering structures, buildings, tunnels)

We execute your project for you, from the condition survey all the way to completion. Our service spectrum includes the repair and strengthening of concrete structures of all kinds: bridges, railway and road tunnels, sewage treatment plants, underpasses, multi-storey car parks, accessible sewers, waste incineration plants, indoor swimming pools and the concrete façades of buildings. We harness our expertise to perfectly meet your needs.

Noise protection

In the special area of the noise protection structures, we deliver the highest level of quality no matter what your needs may be: walls using concrete with volcanic aggregate or conventional concrete, aluminium, glass and wood, along motorways, roads, railway lines or industrial facilities.

Hydraulic engineering

Work at, on and in water, all kinds of linings for rivers and streams, restorations, linings of riverbeds and waterfronts with structural blocks as well as underwater rock extraction and excavation are all among our special areas of expertise. We are also skilled at providing services such as driving and extracting sheet piling and drilling piles from firm subsoil or floating pontoons. We deploy trained, experienced experts to execute jobs involving underwater work.


If you opt for hydrodynamic water removal, i.e. controlled removal until the healthy structural fabric is reached, we will ensure our best experts are at your side during this tricky procedure. Thanks to our subsidiary Reprojet, you can contact us for help anywhere in Switzerland.