Comprehensive services in all areas of construction.

Our services at a glance.

Implenia's team of specialists enable the company to offer its clients services for the entire life cycle of a building – efficient, integrated and in accordance with their requirements.

Structural engineering/Modernisation


Our services are oriented towards return on investments. The same rule applies for private clients with a modest number of properties as for institutional investors with a comprehensive portfolio: each investment must be profitable in the long term. With an integrated business model and a wide range of products and services in the field of construction, Implenia can offer a holistic perspective through all the phases of a modernisation project. At Implenia, you will find highly competent staff who can provide profit-oriented analyses and advice, propose solutions and instigate possible construction measures.

This know-how is available at all times - as general contractors, we support our customers from the initial concept through to readiness for occupation; alternatively, we may participate in a real estate project as subcontractors.

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Conversion/renovation: general/total contracting

As well as new building construction, Implenia’s general/total contractors also offer a broad range of conversion and renovation services. We conduct current state analyses which take into account all relevant factors and forecast how the condition of a property will develop in the future. We also draw up comprehensive usage concepts and undertake conversion and renovation programmes as a general and total contractor.

Strategic consulting

In line with the individual objectives of the customer, Implenia draws up various development scenarios including an estimate of costs and return on investment after completion of the construction. Based on this, a suitable, economic and sustainable modernisation strategy can be adopted. Our work focuses on innovative strategic proposals to increase return on investment, founded on a reliable cost calculation. Our advisory services can be individually tailored to the customer's requirements. In addition, we offer the following standard products:

  • Property condition assessments
    (What is the state of the property? What will be the cost of future conservation of value?)
  • Evidence of feasibility
    (Evidence of feasibility of own ideas, second opinions on marketability and realistic cost estimates)
  • Analysis of potential
    (Does the property have a potential for appreciation in value? How can this be realised in the context of a modernisation?)
  • Support in conducting a real estate due diligence


Implenia develops projects up to building permit. If preferred, also in cooperation with an architect selected by the customer. We clarify the project with the authorities in advance so that, once constructed, the properties will comply with the latest regulations and guidelines. Thanks to our transparent and process-oriented project management, we can guarantee smooth project processing.

For us, professional competence means: understanding our customers and their business. At Implenia, customers find partners who are familiar with the needs and regulations in a variety of branches. They also have access to networks of experts. That enables us not merely to erect a building, but to create an optimally marketable construction that will function in the long term as well.

Implenia has interdisciplinary competence teams in the following sectors: senior-friendly housing, education, offices, health, industry, hotels and residences.


Even the best strategy needs to be put in place before it can take effect. To minimise the outlay for our customers, Implenia organises and guarantees implementation according to the desired framework requirements. Even small modifications require the coordination and intervention of various technical crews. Complex arrangements, hand-overs, inspections: we can relieve our customers of these tasks and spare them a rude awakening with regard to deadlines, quality or costs.

Our locally established units produce professional and reliable work. A one-stop shop at Implenia means: our customers have one partner who will support them during the entire process. Moreover, Implenia not only plans, but also constructs the major part of the building itself.

Project management

  • Professional project management in all construction phases, from preconstruction to hand-over of the property.
  • Variable contracting models: project management only charged at cost, contracting with a cost ceiling or lump sum package as general or total contractors.
  • Apart from construction know-how, we have internal specialists for the building shell, building services maintenance and electrical installations, which enables us to handle complex construction projects without overlooking ecological considerations.



  • Asbestos decontamination
  • Challenging dismantling assignments combined with concrete drilling and cutting.
  • Classical master-builder projects, from the small individual job to the major building site - we can fulfil all of these for you, whether simple or complex.
  • Wide experience in the field of concrete repairs.
  • Façades, impeccable execution of a wide range of construction work such as external plaster renovation and external insulation.
  • Traditional plastering, especially dry construction work on walls or suspended ceilings.