Comprehensive services in all areas of construction.

Our services at a glance.

Implenia's team of specialists enable the company to offer its clients services for the entire life cycle of a building – efficient, integrated and in accordance with their requirements.

Home and building technology

Our generalists and specialists cover all phases of a project, from the initial idea right through to efficient operation. The basis for our concepts is a precise analysis of customer processes. We aim to understand the customer in order to offer independent, sustainable solutions.

  • Technical planning building services engineering
  • Total contractor building services engineering
  • Energy management

Systems integration and operation

We have many years of experience as a systems integrator in the design and technical implementation of systems for the energy-efficient, sustainable operation of buildings and facilities.

Concept development. The effectiveness of optimisation measures can only be assessed if the correct data are recorded and then processed into meaningful information. We advise you on this, draw up system and measurement concepts and ensure that the solution is optimally embedded in your communication and IT infrastructure.

Systems integration. The basis for implementing an energy optimisation system is the customer-specific optimisation and measurement concept. Building on this solid foundation, we then define the required system topology, coordinate the interfaces with other project participants, configure the system, carry out the necessary programming and put the system into operation.

We assume overall responsibility for turnkey solutions, thereby ensuring that the implementation, including the meters, the required installations and the interfaces to partner systems, is carried out on time and in line with cost targets.

System operation and maintenance. Investments in energy management are made with a view to the long term. This makes it all the more important that the data recorded and the information prepared are of consistent quality.

We monitor data recording for you on an ongoing basis, thereby ensuring high data quality. We detect business interruptions and incorrect measurements, and then derive from them the necessary intervention measures, which we implement directly or in collaboration with your operational organisation.

We can also make the e3m data centre available to you as a web-based service on request. This means you no longer have to carry out the required IT administration tasks. Instead of investing in the e3m data centre, you can procure the e3m data centre from us as a service.


Technical planning building services engineering

As the technical planner for building services engineering, we assume overall planning responsibility in the retail, industry and services segments for

  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and sprinkler systems
  • Technical and spatial coordination

Total contractor building services engineering

As the total contractor for building services engineering, we assume overall responsibility for the planning and implementation of technically demanding building services engineering projects, providing comprehensive cost, deadline and quality warranties. Segments covered include retail, industry, services and residential construction.

Energy management

Optimising energy consumption and CO2 emissions makes a significant contribution to sustainable development. The energy optimisation process includes the following steps

  • Analysis of the potential and preparation of a report on the measures
  • Generating a measuring concept and defining the measuring infrastructure
  • Energy controlling and operational optimisation