Comprehensive services in all areas of construction.

Our services at a glance.

Implenia's team of specialists enable the company to offer its clients services for the entire life cycle of a building – efficient, integrated and in accordance with their requirements.

Road construction and civil works

Implenia offers all products and services connected with road and civil engineering works. We are well versed in all of the complex technologies necessary for excellent results. Our regional market presence and flexibility guarantee high performance.


Implenia carries out all kinds of earthworks jobs, and has all the modern equipment necessary for these projects at its disposal.


A special team from the Canton of Grisons profit centre executes stabilisation works all across Switzerland. Implenia specialises in mixed-in-place and mixed-in-plant procedures (cement and lime stabilisation). All the necessary special-purpose tools and equipment are available.

Hydraulic engineering and lining of streams

Implenia offers the full range of services in the fields of hydraulic engineering and the lining of streams. Its subsidiary in Rafz, WSB AG, is specialised in this area.

Construction of drains and service lines

Supply and disposal lines that are planned and built systematically and with foresight make life easier and contribute considerably to the functioning of modern societies. This is one of Implenia's core competencies throughout Switzerland. Our offering includes house service lines as well as wiring and transmission lines.

Concrete surfaces: roads

Our successful planning and realisation of concrete and other surfaces of any size have made us recognised experts across Switzerland. From simple forest paths all the way to challenging, heavily used flight runways, we execute all construction projects with the greatest care and attention to detail. Thanks to our technically advanced surveying methods, we can guarantee the best accuracy, irrespective of whether the surface is built manually or with modern slipform pavers.

Road and surface construction

Wherever people travel, they need transport routes connecting A to B. Road surfaces that meet travellers' needs make for a pleasant trip. Our main activities include footpaths, forecourts, cycle paths, slip roads as well as the construction of local, cantonal and national transport routes. With individual advice, our comprehensive range of services and well-oiled teamwork, we provide our customers with the best possible benefits.

Special concrete forms with slipform pavers

To manufacture all kinds of forms such as water channels, crash barrier foundations, kerbs, cable duct blocks and New Jersey security systems, Implenia uses the three-dimensionally controlled concrete paver Gomaco GT 3400. This machine combines state-of-the-art machinery and measurement technologies that bring a new dimension to concrete construction. It is currently the only machine in the world that can incorporate three-dimensional volumes in exactly the same way as straight and round forms. The mobile, approximately five-metre long machine proves its usefulness not only on straight stretches, but also under tight and winding road conditions, managing a radius of up to 4.5 metres and inclines of up to 12%. This means it can easily be used everywhere: in the city, the countryside and the mountains.

Surveying services

Implenia’s surveying team offers comprehensive advisory services and support for each and every construction project. The surveying experts integrated within the organisation monitor construction progress on a continuous basis and are available whenever they are needed.

Our range of services:

  • Marking out
  • Three-dimensional machine control
  • Photographic documentation
  • Measurement and invoicing
  • Construction supervision
  • Geotechnical measurements

We offer our surveying services for the structural engineering of all kinds of buildings, in addition to road and civil engineering works.

Track construction

Implenia offers track construction services nationally in cooperation with an exclusive partner.

Manufacturing plants

Implenia has stakes in various landfill sites and recycling plants across all of Switzerland. We also have a large number of mobile concrete and surface facilities at our disposal. Our significant ownership interests in modern and highly efficient surface preparation plants make us the ultimate surface construction company. We can manufacture any and all surface mixtures required, while our surface preparation services are subject to our own, certified production checks.

Construction laboratory

Implenia has a technical office in Zurich providing all advisory services in the area of surfaces construction. At the same time, we also have laboratory units at our disposal in German-speaking as well as French-speaking Switzerland.