Comprehensive services in all areas of construction.

Our services at a glance.

Implenia's team of specialists enable the company to offer its clients services for the entire life cycle of a building – efficient, integrated and in accordance with their requirements.

Materials Engineering

Increased requirements due to contract and construction law, which have been placed on the construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure facilities, require well-founded expertise in construction technologies so that they can be implemented.

For the growing market of re-purposing and revitalizing infrastructure projects and real estate, having background knowledge of existing construction materials is essential even for the design stage. Sustainability is the all-important topic.

We support our clients with the following services:

  • Construction-related technology and design of new buildings by our experienced engineers
  • Quality assurance during and before construction
  • Determination of key construction technology figures by combining non-destructive test technologies with traditional construction materials testing
  • Evaluation of existing construction materials and preparation of repair concepts by our professional design office
  • Design of construction processes via numerical simulation of humidity and temperature distribution with our internally developed software TEMP!Riss® and ThirdStep®
  • Design and execution of reinforcement measures with bonded reinforcement made of corrosion-free carbon fibre material
  • Expert consulting activities in accordance with the German Ordinance on Dispute Resolution in Construction (Streitlösungsordnung für das Bauwesen)
  • Specialist site management and monitoring of executed trades
  • Production of waterproof sites with our b.dry® system

Maintenance Planning Office

The be all and end all of maintaining damaged structures at Implenia consists in the sound registration, evaluation and documentation of the construction materials at the site. But we also place equal importance upon professional maintenance, reinforcement and improvement in order to minimize the risk of future damage.

Modern, resource-conserving management of structures according to the lifecycle approach also requires regular inspections to preserve value – particularly for parking and bridge structures as well as water protection construction works. 

Our professional Planning Office is certified by the Gütegemeinschaft Planung der Instandhaltung von Betonbauwerken e.V. (association for the design and maintenance of concrete structures) and, therefore, we can offer sustainable planning services while considering common maintenance procedures. In connection with our construction materials testing centres and the comprehensive opportunities provided by the non-destructive testing methods that we offer, we can quickly register even complex structural damage and resolve them with targeted measures. 

Our specialties in this area include applications such as bonded carbon fibre reinforcement for construction components – our Carboplus® system – as well as sealing technology applications for new builds and maintenance which use our b.dry® sealing products.

Materials Testing Center

At its own construction materials testing centres, Implenia establishes the technical testing framework for its entire range of services. These competencies are essential for the selection and specification of construction materials but also for the planning of construction processes. 

In addition to chemical analyses on all kinds of materials, such as soils and groundwater, we also test the permeability of water-polluting liquids in concrete.

We determine the key mechanical properties of various materials – such as steel, cementitious or bituminous materials, fibre and composite materials and plastics. Furthermore, we carry out application-oriented measurements, for example, on the distribution of temperature or moisture in construction components, the wear resistance of coating systems, the behaviour of coloured concrete or the determination of formwork pressure resulting from fresh concrete.

Non-Destructive Testing Methods

Implenia's Materials Engineering relies on modern non-destructive testing methods for inspecting structures. They provide information on existing structures and damaged areas during audits that goes far beyond the results achievable using classic inspection methods – for example concrete cover measurements during civil engineering structures in process or construction component thickness measurements with the impact-echo method for the execution of inner tunnel linings. 

In the context of maintenance measures, the preventative, non-destructive locating of tendons by radar in advance of drilling helps to protect the existing structure.

Measurements of the concrete cover and potential field result in a clear analysis of the present condition of bridges and parking structures. They provide the basis for our optimized maintenance planning that accompanies construction measures.

Products and systems

Implenia’s central lab for construction material works on a wide array of products and systems for newly-constructed buildings, maintenance work and the reinforcement of concrete components.

Carboplus® reinforcement systems
Our robust carbon fibre plastic reinforcement systems have received general approval for use in buildings, meaning that they can be used in a wide range of scenarios to help increase the load capacity of building components or improve their usage properties.

We will be happy to provide support with our product systems and help you in planning and bringing your construction projects to life.

CarboSeal sealing jackets
Our tough elastic sealing jackets have been officially approved for general use in buildings and are suited for scenarios where pressurized water is applied from either the front or the rear. They can be used on construction joints, predetermined breaking points and cracks to provide protection against pressurized and non-pressurized water and soil moisture.

Our reliable CarboSeal jackets can be used to seal leaking cracks with slight variation in the width of the crack. For larger variation in the width of the crack, our CarboSeal Plus sealing jackets provide additional reinforcement with corrosion-free carbon fibre slats.

We will be happy to help you plan and bring your construction projects to life.

The b.dry® system solution for water-tight constructions provides our customers with a cost-efficient solution to ensure that their constructions are impermeable to water in accordance with the policy issued by the German Committee for Structural Concrete regarding the impermeability of concrete structures (also known as the WU Richtlinie).

b.congreen® is a special form of concrete that can be used to produce floor slabs, bored files or slotted walls in a particularly environmentally-friendly and sustainable way. By enabling builders to use up to 50% less concrete, it can help to improve the CO2 footprint.

Reinforcement and Maintenance

Implenia offers fast solutions with qualified professionals for smaller maintenance measures – for all aspects of reinforcement and sealing for construction components:

  • Construction component reinforcements with bonded Carboplus® carbon fibre tendons for increased load-bearing capabilities in construction components or for sustainable crack width control
  • Construction component wrapping with laminated Carboplus® carbon fibre sheets
  • Bonding of connecting reinforcement
  • Sealing or crack patching for parking structures or waterproof structures
  • Joint sealings like seem joints, loose/fixed flange constructions, injection tubes
  • Injections with synthetic resins, cement suspensions and cement mortars
  • Quality assurance and monitoring of maintenance measures

An individual package of services for maintenance and reinforcement work can be arranged by Bilfinger Instandsetzung GmbH.

Inspections and Repair

Implenia creates the basic prerequisites for sustainable structure utilization: regular inspection tours, particularly to determine damage to reinforced concrete structures, early improvement of damaged areas in protective layers as well as to protect from corrosive materials such as chloride and de-icing salt or from coal storage and processing.

For structures that serve the protection of waters – such as containment basins – the basic requirement of operating the facilities is regular inspections that are required by water law.

Our own qualified employees with SIVV certification carry out the necessary repair work such as the sealing of cracks and construction joints via injection or patch seals, small-surface improvement of coatings and the execution of crack needling.

Numeric Simulations

By utilizing sophisticated numeric and graphic methods, Implenia can realize a multitude of simulation options for time-dependent temperature, density and tensile development. These integrate seamlessly into the concept of modern computer aided design.

TEMP!Riss® and ThirdStep®, our own developments, are fast and flexible software solutions for 3D simulations of combined thermo and hygro-mechanical issues, in particular for hardening construction components towards the beginning of their useful lives. The system was developed for the Microsoft Windows™ Win32 platform and uses the 3-D-OpenGL™ graphic interface.

Bridge and Structure Inspection

Implenia inspects and evaluates bridges in consideration of various aspects.

Civil engineering structures in the area of the German Federal Ministry of Transport

  • Inspections of civil engineering structures in accordance with DIN 1076 with on-site inspection and evaluation using the SIB-Bauwerke program
  • Data compilation and upkeep of structure books in accordance with DIN 1076 using the SIB-Bauwerke program

Germany: Structures in accordance with the German ARGE Bau:

  • Inspection and evaluation of structures in accordance with VDI 6200 (building and industrial construction and existing buildings) with manual inspection and evaluation using the ZIS-ING Bau program
  • Preparation of checklists for structure operators (e.g. multi-story car parks, industrial buildings) in cooperation with the operators and users
  • Evaluation of the standing structure with suggestions for renovation for short, mid and long-term usage in consideration of economic aspects