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High-rise ensemble Quadro-Platz, Zurich

A high-rise ensemble comprised of four buildings with four high-rises of different heights has been under construction in Zurich-Nord since 2000. Upscale, flexible office space on the upper floors and retail space on the ground floor are clustered around the central Quadro-Platz.

Pont de la Poya, Fribourg

The Poya bridge in Fribourg connects Murtenstrasse with Bernstrasse as part of the H182 main road. The 851-metre long structure stretches across the Saane and the sewage plant at an average height of 70 metres above the valley floor. The 10 pillars and 2 pylons that reach a height of 110 metres form 13 bridge sections. The main distance between the pylons is 196 metres. The Palatinat approach viaduct goes directly into the Palatinat tunnel portal.

schorenstadt, Basel

schorenstadt is one of Implenia’s flagship projects for the 2000 Watt Society and has been developed in cooperation with leading Basel-based architects Burckhard+Partner AG and other experts. Depending on the building typology, various modern timber construction methods (hybrid construction with concrete floors and support, composite construction with concrete-covered laminated timber ceilings, prefabricated timber construction) were used.

A2 City Ring, Lucerne

The work for the total restoration of the Lucerne City Ring is being carried out in 5 sub-phases. The tunnel pipes of the almost 600-metre long Reussport tunnel are being restored between 2010 and 2013. The Senti bridges, which have cracked concrete and corrosion on the abutments as a result of leaking road crossings, are also being restored and noise insulation walls installed. The city connection and the Sonnenberg tunnel are also undergoing restoration.

EMS and extension of Les MOUILLES shopping centre in Lancy

Construction of an EMS and extension of the MOUILLES shopping centre in Lancy.

Semmering base tunnel (lots 1.1. and 2.1.)

The planned Semmering base tunnel (SBT) constitutes one of the most important major infrastructural projects currently being carried out in the heart of Europe. The tunnel forms part of the new Austrian southern railway line that runs from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic coast, making it a key trans-European route. With a total length of 27.3 kilometres, the SBT connects Lower Austria with Styria.

Bypass AR N9, Lausanne

Resurfacing work on A9 motorway Lausanne bypass.

Chienberg Tunnel, Sissach

The 2,300-metre Chienberg Tunnel forms the core of the Sissach bypass. It was cut into the highly geologically challenging mountainside of the Tabel Jura mountain range, which posed a mining highlight on account of its extremely swellable Gipskeuper formation.

Gotthard Base Tunnel, lot 360, Sedrun Tunnel

  • Railway tunnel with two single-track bores, each 9.0 km long, heading cross-section 60-134 m2 (full-face), cross-over points every 312 m.
  • Multifunction station with lengthwise and cross-over chambers, four tunnel cross-over expansions (heading cross-section up to 230 m2), tunnel cross-over connections, side galleries, ventilation galleries and 14 ventilation shafts, 4 waiting chambers.
  • Access through access galleries approx. 1 km in length and 2 shafts approx. 800 m deep.
  • This is an extremely complex installation.

U5 Urban Rail Line Berlin

The district of Berlin-Mitte is getting a direct underground line to Berlin Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) and the residential areas in the east of the city. Stage 1 is to connect the U55 at the Brandenburg Gate with the existing section of the U5 at Berlin City Hall (Rotes Rathaus). By closing this gap, the U5 will be extended from Alexanderplatz to the Brandenburg Gate, where it will connect with the U55, which is already complete. The U5 and U55 will then become a single line: the new U5.

Pumped Storage Power Station Nant de Drance, Finhaut

Construction of a pumped storage station between the existing Emosson and Vieux Emosson reservoirs, in several caverns. The new power station cavern is located at approx. 1,700 m above sea level. Access is granted from below via a five kilometre long gallery and from above via a two kilometre long gallery system. The height difference between the entrance and the turbines is overcome by dropping vertical pressure shafts. In addition to the shell construction of the power station, the contract includes management of the excavated material.

Double track expansion and lowering of the Zentralbahn railway, Lucerne

The Zentralbahn railway line between Lucerne main railway station and the Kriens Mattenhof station is being expanded to two tracks and is being lowered. This sub-project comprises the 550-metre systematically worked underground Hubelmatt Tunnel, the just under 300-metre underground station at Allmend, located by the Festhalle and connected by three access tunnels, and the 470-metre Allmend cut-and-cover tunnel plus the 144-metre Mattenhof ramp.

Brokke Nord

This project includes the structural works for the power plant. This includes the construction of a new transfer tunnel, construction of the Sarvsfoss reservoir and Skarg power plant.

Fv. 86 Gryllefjord bridge

Implenia has constructed a bridge across Gryllefjord, situated in the municipality of Torsken on Senja in Troms county. The bridge is a landslide protection project which in combination with the ongoing tunnel through Ballesvikskaret will ensure a landslide-safe stretch to Gryllefjord and Torsken.